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THURSDAY 6-7pm Functional Flow with Sarah 
Sarah blends anatomical function & fundamental movement patterns into a flow that will optimize the way you move, feel and connect to your body on and off the mat. By working from the core center, you'll develop a sharper sense of how to organize, support & move the body through space. Functional Flow is designed for anyBODY that moves. You will leave this class feeling energized, integrated and open.
THURSDAY 7:15-8:30pmGentle Soul Centered Flow + Yin with Sabrina
A combination class with a slower paced vinyasa, followed by Yin (where you are holding poses longer) and restorative poses (supported by props) to release deeper connective tissue, like ligaments, tendons and fascia. You will leave feeling relaxed, and your nervous system realigned.
$125 Monthly​​
$5 off HHHY
SATURDAY 8:45-9:45am Soul Centered Flow with Kate
A slower softer paced vinyasa class. Experience a sense of freedom in the body, mind and leave class lighter and more connected.  Great for all level and beginners. 
TUESDAY 6-7pm COMMUNITY CLASS with Kate DONATION ONLY NO CLASS CARD   *wednesday 6pm with sabrina is now a regular class*